What do you need?

Chances are we’ve cast it. Real people? Hell yeah. Actors? Done.  Actors combined with people who aren’t actors? Our specialty. Spanish? A huevo! English/Spanish combined campaigns? Abso-freakin-lutamente. (And honestly it’s easier for production to deal with one casting director.) National search? We’ll raise you an international search.  A cast of 100 OCPs?  We’ve found casts of over 250 OCPs- twice.  Music videos? Yup- and no need to apologize for that budget. VO, dance, non-union comedy? Check, check++, check.
The uncastable? You guys, the uncastable is our favorite.

We’ve had the privilege of casting some of the most difficult-to-find talent and niche casts but we still have a particular love for the traditional casting process as well.

Call us when authenticity is your main goal.  Call us when you need a great cast. 
Shoot, call us when you just need a bid- we got you.  


Mike Mills, Aaron Stoller, Adam Hashemi, Alma Har’el, Andreas Nilsson, Antoine Fuqua, Alfredo De Villa, Björn Rühmann, Brian Beletic, CANADA, Daniels, Dave Meyers, David Frankham, David Jellison, Emily Kai Bock, Filip Engström, François Rousselet, Gia Coppola, Henry Corra, Hoffman/Metoyer, Isaiah Seret, J.C. Chandor, Jeff Preiss, Joaquin Baca-Asay, John Feuerzeig, Josh & Xander, Jun Diaz, Kim Jacobs, Lisa Rubisch, Liza Mandelup, Luke Monaghan, Martin + Lindsay, Martin de Thurah, M. Blash, Matthew Swanson, Michael Lawrence, Mike Maguire, Miranda July, Nicolas Kasakoff, Omri Cohen, Patrick Daughters, Paul Iannacchio, Randy Krallman, Raymond Bark, Rick Sittig, Rodrigo Valdés, Ryan Hope, Salomon Ligthelm, Simon McQuoid, Speck and Gordon, Spike Jonze, Stacy Wall, Stephan Wever, Steve Ayson, Todd Krolczyk, Zachary Heinzerling and Pam Thomas


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